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Italy Gadgets is the brand ti Tipografia Commerciale that deals with the printing and personalization of gadgets of all kinds.
There are many categories of products in the catalog to choose from, for an infinite number of variables that can be adapted to all sectors.
Customizing a gadget with your own brand is a great way to communicate your company brand identity, create advertising merchandise, for trade shows events and events of all kinds.
A customized gadget is also a great idea for both personal and corporate gifts.

“Every great journey begins with one small step”

Thousands of customizable gadgets items for all needs. The catalog is divided into categories, and inside you will find the quantities that can be ordered and the types and printing techniques available for customization.

Thousands of customizable gadgets in more than 10 categories

Since there are thousands of products, the catalog is organized into easily navigable categories. This will make it easy to locate the product you need. The choice is yours!

The products included in this catalog can be customized using various techniques. We will take care of the customization by proposing and implementing maximum brand visibility on the chosen item.


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