Cookies. This website uses cookies, i.e. small text files that the sites visited by the user send to their terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the user’s next visit. user. Cookies can be used for different purposes, including, for example, performing computer authentication, monitoring sessions, storing information on specific configurations regarding users who access the server and are generally classified into three categories: cookies technical, profiling cookies, third-party cookies. According to the typology, the legislation provides that, for their lawful use by the site manager, in some cases, simple information on their use is sufficient, while in other cases, in addition to the information it is necessary to obtain the relevant consent from part of the user.

Having said this, pursuant to articles. 13 and 122 of Legislative Decree 30/6/2003 n. 196 (“Code regarding the protection of personal data” or, more briefly, “Code”) and in compliance with the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 8/5/2014, we inform you that this website uses both technical cookies and third-party cookies.

•Technical cookies: in particular, the technical cookies used by this site are used (a) to facilitate users’ access to the services offered by the site following authentication procedures, to make navigation within it easier, to access reserved areas or to proceed with the purchase of goods or services offered for sale on the site; (b) to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users who visit the site or on how they navigate within the site; (c) to enable certain features of the site such as, for example, the use of a certain language or other settings. Some technical cookies are defined as session cookies as they are removed immediately from the user’s device at the end of the browsing session. Permanent cookies, on the other hand, have a longer duration and remain stored on the device until they expire or are deleted by the user.

For the use of technical cookies it is not necessary to request any consent.

•Third-party cookies: furthermore, this site also allows third-party cookies to be installed on the user’s terminal, i.e. cookies from other companies that have concluded agreements with the manager of this site for the installation of their own cookies via its site. In this context, however, the manager of this site does not operate as the data controller of third-party cookies, but as a simple technical intermediary between the user and third parties and, therefore, does not assume any responsibility for the use of cookies. made by such third parties. They are present on this site

◦Google Analytics cookies, which allow the analysis of statistics on visitors to the site itself and help website owners to understand how such visitors interact with the contents they own, without personal identification of individual visitors by Google;

◦Google profiling cookies, which, through the choices made by the user during navigation through the site, for example by clicking on advertising banners, are intended to provide information to Google on the user’s preferences and habits, to then send him advertising messages consistent with the choices expressed.

• Facebook cookies
The Facebook Pixel cookie is installed on the site which allows Tipografia Commerciale. S.r.l. to monitor the conversions that occur on your website as a result of the adverts that are promoted on Facebook over time. For example, if you wish to monitor interest in a particular campaign advertised on Facebook, the cookie communicates to Facebook every time a user has completed actions on the site regarding that campaign. Facebook compares the conversion event to the group of people who were shown the advert or who clicked on it, in order to provide information that helps it understand the return on investment for its advertising spend. Tipografia Commerciale S.r.l. does not use this cookie for profiling purposes of the interested party but only for statistical purposes.
Facebook’s privacy policy can be consulted from this page

In order to allow the user to express or deny their consent, which can also be modified at a later time, to the use of these cookies, the links to the Google site are shown below, by opening which you can access, in fact, the web pages containing the relevant privacy policies and methods for deactivating cookies

• User rights: the user, at any time, can exercise the rights referred to in the articles. 7 and following of the Code and request the deactivation of cookies. To exercise these rights, the user may contact the Data Controller in writing at the contact details indicated in the previous paragraph “Access rights”.

The user can express their choices in relation to the use of cookies by this site also through the settings of the browser normally used for internet browsing (among the main ones, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) . By changing your browser settings, you can accept or refuse cookies. Below are some reference links to understand the procedure for deactivating cookies in the most used browsers:






However, by completely disabling cookies in the browser the user may no longer be able to use all the interactive features of this site.

Finally, we have the duty to point out to you – as already indicated in the short information on the home page – that by closing the banner containing this short information, scrolling the home page (so-called scroll down) or clicking on any of its elements, you consent to the use of cookies.