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goes GREEN

Few Companies have managed to grow in recent years, we owe our success to you, to all of you. You love to express your creativity and Brand values in a direct way, with a simple T-shirt, gadget, advertisement… and we will continue to give you the opportunity to do so! 


However, growth for its own sake with is enough for us. Over the past 50 years we have seen the market change, technology grow, new companies spring up out of nowhere, the green patches we used to see out of the window have turned into concrete facades. One after another, until they disappeared altogether.

Since we were born half a century ago, the World in which we live has destroyed an average of 12 million hectares of forest per year, according to the FAO.

What to do, in our small way?

Small-big investments: sometimes little is enough to make a difference…

  •  In custom clothing We have already launched a GREEN line/b>, made entirely of BIO cotton and recyclable materials, but we wanted to go further.
  •  We chose a renewable energy source to power our growth: we installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of our factory, zeroing in on our environmental impact.

    Do you know the result?  We were amazed when we discovered that our small photovoltaic system was enough to generate the same benefits as more than 200 trees, cutting CO2 emissions by about 40 tons over the next 20 years.

  • Each paper print is made on FSC* paper, sourced from green centers, where every element of the production cycle has 0 environmental impact.
  • We create and promote effective and sustainable solutions within Companies. One example: we launched a line of customized water bottles capable of blending aesthetic taste with the sustainability standards we want to continue to ensure.

* FSC certification is an international, independent, third-party certification specifically for the forestry sector and products-woody and non-woody-derived from forests.

Prominent among the FCS memebers include Greenpeace and WWF.

Source: FSC.ORG

Here is our way of saying thank you.

Thank you for your trust, thank you for continuing to choose us, for over 50 years. Today we want to make you one promise: the one thing we will always guarantee you is respect. Respect for our quality standards, respect for our sustainability standards, respect for the environment. Ours, yours, the one that allows us to be great, together.


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